Case Studies

Case Study 1- Accelerating Crop Variety Replacement Rates in Africa

Case Study 2-Male Sterility for Hybrid Seed Production
Case Study 3-Adapting Modern Crop Improvement Tools for Africa
Case Study 4- Seed Business Models for EGS Production in Africa
Case Study 5- Seed Production for Vegetative Propagated Crops
Case Study 6-Seed Production Research for New Crop Varieties in Africa
Case study 7- Formal and Informal Seed Systems in Africa
Case Study 8- Building Capacity of Agrodealers Across Africa’s Seed Systems
Case study 9-Plant Variety Licensing to Enhance African Seed Systems
Case Study 11- Managing Counterfeit Seed Using Seed Labels in Kenya

CESSA focus is on developing models and case studies for sector users based on sector needs and emerging trends. The knowledge products respond to diverse topics on seed systems development.