Quality commercial seed production

Seed of improved varieties in developing countries has gone largely unadopted, which is limiting the upper bound of productivity that farmers can achieve. This is partly because of inefficient systems to produce and make it available to farmers. The other reason is because the would be seed producers do not have access to the starter materials (early generation seed) of the right varieties.

Vision of a healthy system: Farmers are aware of new varieties and the benefits of replacing their old varieties with newer ones that are more productive, climate smart, resilient and aligned with market demand. Commercially sustainable production of high quality, improved seed of demanded varieties that is responsive to the evolving needs of farmers and other end-users. Extensive and robust distribution network that enhances farmer access to improved varieties. The seed quality assurance system is fit-for-purpose, industry-respected, adequately resourced, efficiently managed, and adds more value to farmers than the costs it imposes.

Basis of Comparison: Benchmarking sustainable commercial seed production models within a country against others assessed to be better performers within the region or through cited international best practices.