Training and Capacity Building

CESSA aims to spearhead a highly practical capacity building approach for technical and specialized areas of seed systems with emphasis on delivering capacity building through scalable learning management systems – employing an optimal combination of digital, physical, and hybrid training tools – which can be scaled across crops, countries, and languages. This flagship program under CESSA provides the opportunity for a new, evolutionary creation point for this important work, and the immense potential of digital training modules, linking content needs to user segments and relevant delivery tools is at the forefront.

CESSA shall identify and link trainers and training institutions to users, serve as a knowledge and information platform, support training resources and courses, support the development of critical training programs; identify linkages to development partner coaching services; support access to training; support digital development and delivery of key training programs.

Beneficiaries will include breeding and line maintenance breeders and technicians,EGS producers; producers of quality assured seed including outgrowers; quality assurance staff at regulatory authorities; quality control staff at seed production and processing entities; agrodealers and other distribution agents.